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How I Found PQ - Positive Intelligence

My arrival as a Positive Intelligence Coach™ today has been crystalized from a passionate career in personal development & growth mindset for 25+ years.


I have thoroughly researched, personally practiced & guided others through a full spectrum of human potential modalities ranging from the highly esoteric Eastern mind trainings of Kundalini Yoga & Tibetan Buddhism, which included extensive travel throughout India and remote monasteries in Tibet, to the research vetted fields of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Psychology and Performance Psychology. 

I now know that I had been on a quest to find the simplest, most unconvoluted AND effective tool or modality to deal with my negative coping mechanisms and self sabotage patterns (which, believe me, I had plenty of and still have to stay vigilant to minimize everyday). Although I did not set out to build a career helping others do the same, it became a passionate career and my life's work.

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Prior to specifically narrowing my focus to the coaching field I had 10+ years of wellness lifestyle leadership roles in Miami such as the first Director of Wellness & Meditation Programming at The Standard Spa/Hotel in Miami Beach, the Resident Mindfulness Breathing & Meditation Specialist at Canyon Ranch Spa & Residences, Miami Beach and I was the Founder & Director of my own Wellness Lifestyle Center in Miami's MIMO District.


For the past 8 years since becoming a father, besides the joy, the challenges and time demand of parenting, the emphasis of my focus has been extensive neuroscience research and investing heavily in personal coaching for myself within the areas of optimal higher brain function, peak performance psychology, mental fitness and emotional intelligence. Yes, and as the world speeds up everyday around us and right under our nose at home, the maximum results to time spent is a Holy Grail we all seek.


When I found Positive Intelligence I knew that my quest to find the simplest most effective AND time efficient tool & path to minimize the damage of my negative patterns and self sabotage was indeed over. And at the same time, Positive Intelligence enables you to be much, much more positively effective, even masterful, in virtually every area of your life ...personally, professionally and with everything & everyone that means the most to you.

I have a new quest now help as many people as I can use their own Positive Intelligence to make their lives as positive as possible and make the world a better place while they're doing it.

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“I can unequivocally say that my life is brighter from having Sadhu as a confidant. He is holding a lantern, illuminating the path of self realization & discovery for all who wish to walk it.”

John Parsiani, VP Business Development, E-Team Cervera Real Estate, Miami USA

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Experience how Positive Intelligence will help you uncover your self sabotage blindspots and stop their damage in your performance, well-being & relationships. AND find out how you might qualify to attend the next PQ Foundation Program as my Research Grant Guest.

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